A grammar of the Turkish language by Thomas Vaughan

By Thomas Vaughan

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Wortarten und Grammatikalisierung. Perspektiven in System und Erwerb (Linguistik - Impulse & Tendenzen)

This number of papers opens a debate at the dating among techniques of grammaticalisation and platforms of word-classes. It facilities at the query of ways diachronic grammaticalization approaches and synchronic hierarchies of grammaticality relate to the lexico-grammatical categorization of the note stock in usual languages (= platforms of word-classes).

Stability, Variation and Change of Word-order Patterns over Time

The difficulty of permanence and alter of word-patterns has lengthy been debated in either old linguistics and structural theories. The curiosity during this subject has been made over through modern learn in typology with its emphasis on correlation or "harmonies" of buildings of note order as explicative ideas of either synchronic and diachronic techniques.

The Polysynthesis Parameter

This booklet investigates intimately the grammar of polysynthetic languages--those with very complicated verbal morphology. Baker argues that polysynthesis is greater than an unintended selection of morphological techniques; fairly, it's a systematic manner of representing predicate-argument relationships that's parallel to yet distinctive from the process utilized in languages like English.

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So he ran away to a monastery where he begged the monks to look after him and teach him arithmetic and farming. Now all this was fiction. His motive for this deception was probably rather complicated. Exercise 7 Insert the adjectives wise, untidy, thick, heavy and unprofitable into the noun phrases listed on p. ) What generalization can you make about the position they occupy in the phrase? ) Exercise 4 Write some sentences containing the nouns window, railway, impertinence, tea, speed, luggage, roof, and grammar.

They insúlt us Verbs and verb phrases On the other hand, there are words that seem to be constructed on a similar pattern but which do not shift the stress: réscue has the stress on the first syllable whether it is a noun or a verb, and disgráce normally has the stress on the second syllable. (Exercise 22 is on p. ) The word dispute is of some interest since one nowadays often hears people pronounce the noun with the stress on the first syllable: The dispute has lasted three weeks. The older pronunciation, on the other hand, has the stress on the second syllable.

Decide which case and number they belong to. Exercise 12 Do the following nouns form their plural in an irregular way? If so, describe the type of irregularity. axe, cactus, crisis, salmon, word, tin, cold, I wasn’t referring to those shoes Three authors’ works have been banned The lady’s name was called out He addressed only the ladies The teachers’ room is down the corridor The Companies’ assets have been frozen The Company’s assets have been frozen Several firms’ workers are on strike He bought the girls hats 34 Nouns and noun phrases Exercise 17 For the following nouns write out sets of examples like those given for man and boy, on pp.

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