A grammar of Yurakaré by Erik van Gijn

By Erik van Gijn

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Chicha is a fermented drink, usually made of manioc or maize.  I consider these nouns to be underlyingly monosyllabic; in order to avoid a stressed final syllable, the final vowel is copied.

Just for this once, a brother and sister should have intercourse, their children and grandchildren should not do this; they will meet other people from far away to have children with. Aysa There are two versions of this narrative, which are different with respect to the characters. One version claims that a Yurakaré boy and girl fight their enemies Aysa and Pëpësu, man‐eating creatures. Pëpësu captures the children and takes them to his house where he locks them up. However, they manage to escape.

In the former environment, Spanish vowels /e/ and /o/ are lowered towards /E/ and /ç/ respectively, so that they differ more from /i/ and /u/, whereas in the latter environment they are more salient, so that they are retained more easily. (29) [awA®3jEnte] < Sp. [agwArdjEnte] ‘liquor’ [bEnse] [hEnte] [mesa] [ahçnta] [biskçtɢSo] < < < < < Sp. [bEnsEr] Sp. [xEnte] Sp. [mesa] Sp. [kçntar] Sp. 2 Orthography In this section I will explain the orthography that I will use in the remainder of this chapter and the rest of the grammar.

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