A Happy Death by Albert Camus

By Albert Camus

In his first novel, a cheerful loss of life, written whilst he used to be in his early twenties and retrieved from his inner most papers following his demise in 1960, Albert Camus laid the basis for The Stranger, focusing in either works on an Algerian clerk who kills a guy in chilly blood. yet he additionally published himself to an quantity that he by no means may in his later fiction. For if a contented demise is the examine of a rule-bound being shattering the fetters of his lifestyles, it's also a remarkably candid portrait of its writer as a tender man.

As the unconventional follows the protagonist, Patrice Mersault, to his victim's condominium -- after which, fleeing, in a trip that takes him via phases of exile, hedonism, privation, and dying -it provides us a glimpse into the mind's eye of 1 of the nice writers of the 20 th century. For this is the younger Camus himself, in love with the ocean and solar, enraptured through girls but disdainful of romantic love, and already formulating the philosophy of motion and ethical accountability that will make him important to the concept of our time.

Translated from the French via Richard Howard

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