A killer chess opening repertoire by Aaron Summerscale

By Aaron Summerscale

Bored with the usual openings? apprehensive approximately having to benefit an excessive amount of concept? Then this ebook will come as a godsend. Aaron Summerscale provides a collection of particularly risky beginning guns for White. each one suggested line relies on an outstanding positional beginning, but additionally can provide long term (and short-term!) attacking probabilities. the diversities are usually not simply effortless to benefit and play, yet in addition they set Black advanced problems.

* A queen's pawn repertoire in accordance with fast piece development
* finds many deadly attacking principles and traps
* beneficial properties the mythical '150' and Barry Attacks

For this new version, the publishers enlisted the aid of hotshot starting author Sverre Johnsen, who has up to date the insurance the place worthwhile, whereas conserving the spirit, allure and goals of Summerscale's unique paintings. The killer repertoire continues to be effortless to profit, and is now extra harmful than ever!

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Tb7 18 dxc5? The critical moment. White probably misjudged the position arising after move twenty-two. It was better to have kept the tension with 18 'ifd2. txc5 19 'ife2 'iWb6 20 e6 The consistent follow up, but Kasparov shows that Black can play around the new f7 pawn and still show advantage. tfB en route to g7, and the white structure is wrecked. adS It turns out that white pawn on f7 can be handled, and the black bishop is extremely strong on the diagonal aB-h I. b4 %ld2 with domination. te4 25 lhe4?!

The immediate capture on c5 leads to troubles after 9 e4, but Black can prepare it by 8 .. f5, when 9lDo ~xc5 is approximately level. 51 Strategy in the Queen's Bishop Attack But the gambit with B... b6 is not so bad too, because Black gets a lot of play on the queenside. l::tb8 II ttJge2 ttJe5?! Tyomkin proposes that I I ... 'fixb2 +? xc6 14':b I wins) 13 b3 f5, with a similar game to that which developed. But, knowing me, it would have been 12 ttJxd5!? exd5 13 'ifxd5 and 14 'fie4+ that I would have chosen.

Xf6 gxf6 4 e3 Allowing the development of my knight to e2 which, as the game Hodgson-Plaskett, Hastings 1987 showed, may be more desirable for White here. 50 Strategy in the Queen's Bishop Attack 4 •••cS 5 dxcS A radical departure from the middlegames arising from 5 c4. S•••lDc6 Oddly, this natural developing move appears to be new. Black rapidly equalised in Lombardy-Ivkov, Amsterdam 1974 with 5 ... e6 6 c4 dxc4 7 'iVxd8+ 'it>xd8 8 ~xc4 ~xc5. In Hodgson-Crouch, Mind Sports Olympiad, London 2000, White played more like me in this game with 6 lDc3 ~xc5 7 'iVh5!?

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