A King in Hiding: How a child refugee became a world chess by Barbara Mellor, Fahim, Xavier Parmentier, Sophie Le

By Barbara Mellor, Fahim, Xavier Parmentier, Sophie Le Callennec

LONGLISTED FOR THE WILLIAM HILL activities publication OF THE 12 months 2015 compelled to escape his local Bangladesh, 8 year-old chess prodigy Fahim arrived in Paris together with his father. Refused asylum, as unlawful immigrants they spiralled downwards into homelessness and desperation. via a stroke of good fortune, Fahim used to be brought to at least one of France’s most sensible chess coaches, Xavier Parmentier, who tutored him and gave him a feeling of function, his struggles at the chessboard mirroring either his victories and his crushing defeats in his conflict for a traditional lifestyles. emerging via neighborhood and nationwide tournaments to be topped France’s Under-12 Chess Champion in 2012, Fahim turned a countrywide sensation. In 2013 he went directly to win the realm Under-13 scholar Championship. advised during the transparent eyes of a kid, Fahim’s story is not just a relocating account of the bleak realities that underlie a supposedly worrying society, but in addition a heartwarming testimony to a father’s choice, the kindness of strangers, and one small boy’s brave will to be successful.

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