A simplified introduction to LaTeX by Greenberg H.J.

By Greenberg H.J.

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Before listing each style (article is one style) and the fields they can or must have (author is one field), here are a few things to note. • The label is arbitrary, but do not use any LATEX special characters or blanks. In the example, the label is specified as tex and it must be followed by a comma. Also, labels are case-sensitive, so tex is not the same as TeX. • Each bib entry must have a unique label, so it can be cited without ambiguity in the source file. 2 The bib File 33 • The order of the fields is arbitrary, and fields are separated by commas (hence the comma after the terminal quote).

You can also define the counter to be within another counter. For example, \newcounter{mycounter}[section] defines mycounter to be within the section counter. This will cause the value of mycounter to be reset to 0 when entering a new section. Further, instead of the printed values being 1, 2, . . 2, . . 2, . . when printed within section s. The counter values are printed in Arabic numerals, but you can specify the type of numeral, shown in Table 7. Table 7: Numerals to Print Counters What you see a, b, c, d, .

Another class of special characters are letters with accents. Table 3 shows some common examples; a complete table is in the Appendix. For example, write Poincar\’{e} to have Poincaré and G\"{o}del to have Gödel. An accent could be applied to any letter, even if it does not relate to some ¨ cd. ‘⇒¿ and \aa⇒å. In some cases, these are not sufficient, particularly if the entire document is to be in a non-English language. For that purpose there are some packages, such as Babel [1] (also see [5, Chapter 9]).

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