A Strategic Chess Opening Repertoire for White by John Watson

By John Watson

Such has been the approval for John Watson's ground-breaking works on glossy chess method and his insightful beginning books, that it is just common that he now provides a strategic commencing repertoire.

It is the chess-player's holy grail: a versatile repertoire that provides competitors actual difficulties yet doesn't require plenty of memorization or continuous research of ever-changing grandmaster conception. whereas this e-book can't rather promise all of that, Watson deals an exciting collection of traces that provide massive scope for over-the-board creativity and may by no means bring about a lifeless draw.

The repertoire relies on 1 d4 and a pair of c4, following up with methodical play within the centre. Watson makes use of his large establishing wisdom to choose crafty move-orders and toxic sequences that would strength competitors to imagine for themselves, offering a real attempt of chess figuring out. all through, he discusses techniques for either side, so readers may be absolutely able to pounce on any inaccuracies, and feature all of the instruments to settle on the main acceptable plans for White.

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B) 3 ... 'ifxd5?! id2 ltJxd2 7 'ifxd2; Black has the bishop-pair but no development, and the centre is all White's. c) 3 ... ltJxd5 4 ltJf3 ! (this is the only finesse that White needs to know; the natural 4 e4?! gives Black counterplay after 4 ... ltJf6 5 ltJc3 e5 ! ic5 ! if5 (4 ... g6 Now Black has these options, all insuffi­ cient: c l ) 5 ... ltJc6 6 ltJbd2 ! ltJb6 7 e4 gives White a clear advantage. c2) 5 ... ltJf6, then 7 e4! ltJxe4 8 ltJe5 ! e6? id7 ! and not only does White threaten 'iff3 but Black can hardly move.

E5? 2 1 l2Jd5 ! 16 fxe6 (D) ••. White has nothing concrete, but Black has a few long-term worries because of the bishops . Now: a) I 7 'ii'g6 is possible, although Black stands solidly enough after I 7 ... ;. d4 b5 22 b3) 20... i.. xc5 2 I i.. ;. l'Llc4 ! c3 t. As a whole, White is only able to put Black under a moderate amount of pressure in these lines; on the other hand, he gets the nonnal 'white' advantage with no risk. 32) 13 a3 (D) B Karpov seems to have introduced this move into tournament play.

Tac l ! cxb3 ( 1 6... :tfe8 1 7 l2Jc5) 1 7 axb3 �xb3 1 8 l2Jc5 ! xc5 and after Black's pawns are doubled on f6, White gets distinctly the better game. :tad8 1 2 ... �b4 1 3 �xf6 gxf6 1 4 l2Jxc6 bxc6 is an important position which top players have tested that can also arise via 1 1 l2Jxc6 bxc6 1 2 b3 ifa5 1 3 'ii'd2 �b4 1 4 �xf6 gxf6. i'xd2 20 l2Jxd2 cxb3 2 1 axb3 �b4 22 l2Je4 ±. :tac8 1 6 bxc4 dxc4 1 7 a3 �e7 (after 1 7 ... fd8 1 9 e3 ! :txd5 22 ifc2, as in Kotsur-Namir, Ha Long City 2009, give White a slight advantage) 1 8 e3, and although Black's position is tough to crack, he does have six isolated pawns, four of them doubled, and I suspect that the great majority of players would take White if given the choice!

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