A Textbook of Matrices by Hari Kishan

By Hari Kishan

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In keeping with papers on the Intl Workshop on Differential Equations and optimum keep watch over held lately at Ohio collage, Athens.

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We will now call X ∈ F ⊆ R+N+K a variable demand logit equilibrium if Xijr = Tijexp(­θCijr(X)){∑sexp(­θCijs(X))}­1 ∀ij . (5) This happens if and only if X ∈ F (or Tij ­ ∑rXijr = 0 ∀ij and Xijr > 0 ∀ijr) and also there are positive numbers Mij > 0 such that: Xijr = Mijexp(­θCijr(X)) ∀ijr . (6) The multipliers Mij may be called balancing factors and are there to ensure that eventually X ∈ F. Of course: Mij = Tij{∑sexp(­θCijs(X))}­1 ∀ij at a logit equilibrium. A natural objective function in this case is Vstoch where Vstoch(X) = ∑ijr {[Tijexp(­θCijr(X)) ­ Xijr][∑sexp(­θCijs(X))]­1}2 for all flow vectors X.

Here [x]+ = max{x, 0}. This is the objective function utilised by algorithm (D) in Smith (1984a, b). The algorithm (D) search direction is now defined for each route­flow vector X in F by: Δ(X) = Σijr [­C(X)⋅( Wijr(X) ­ X)]+ (Wijr(X) ­ X) . Smith (1984a, b) showed that provided the cost function C(⋅) is monotone and continuously differentiable then, away from equilibrium, this Δ(X) is a descent direction at X for this V. Provided the step lengths are Armijo and other natural conditions hold then following this Δ leads to the set of equilibria.

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