Abelian categories. An introduction to the theory of by Peter Freyd

By Peter Freyd

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Repeating an argument fills speech time but does not act as an effective attack, and the affirmative can respond to the argument easily by answering it once (very thoroughly) and then referring all repetitions back to that answer. Specific Techniques for Attacking the Affirmative Case Often the negative has to quickly compose the arguments it will use to attack the case, so you should be familiar with the various forms you can use. These techniques should become “habits of mind” for negative speakers attacking the affirmative case.

Remember, when writing your plan, use wording from the resolution wherever you can, because your plan will sound more topical. • Be comprehensive in discussing solvency. Solvency is the most important stock issue the affirmative must prove in the first constructive speech. The affirmative gets no credit for pointing out a problem, only for solving it. Include the following in your discussion: • explanation of how your plan will work and why—Make sure your rhetoric and solvency evidence explain how and why your plan solves the problem or results in an improvement.

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