About Time: Einstein’s Unfinished Revolution by Paul C. W. Davies

By Paul C. W. Davies

It is a publication concerning the that means of time, what it really is, whilst it has began, the way it flows and the place to. It examines the results of Einstein's conception of relativity and provides startling feedback approximately what contemporary study may perhaps display.

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247 Transition temperatures [‘c] Ref. 74 kcal/mol; t= 103’C [84Vl] Ianddt-BFxnstdn New Series lVf7a * * l * Ref. p. 2471 No. Lefi 49 1 One ring systems Side chains Transition temperatures[‘Cl Right Ref. 5 * 50 No. 1 One ring systems Lefl Side chains Right [Ref. p. 247 Transition temperatures[‘c] Ref. 46 $6-disubstituted-oxazo[4,S-q~n~xazole ‘9 1 2 3 1 = I a &R 0 Cr 89 Cr 61 Cr 58 ‘W7 2:;. 9 LmddtBbstdn New Saies IVfla * Ref. p. 2471 No. Lefi 17 18 19 20 21 22 1 One ring systems Side chains 51 Right Transition temperatures[‘c] c&-oCJHrOC4Hg-OCSHII-O- -O-C& -O-CJH7 -O-C4H9 -O-C5Hll W&3-0- -O-C&3 W-b-o- -O-W15 cr 177 Cr 126 Cr 132 Cr 92 Cr 107 Cr 95 N 116 N 108 N 110 A106 Ref.

5 I [76G3]; virt. 5’C [77Cl] *393 no Tg [82Kl]; virt. 5’C [86B2] *394 virt. SC [86B2] *395 virt. 5 I I I I I I I I I I 7901 7901 81R3,81R2 7901 8002,7901 8002,7901 7901 81R3,81R2 81R3,81R2 81R3,81R2 * l l * * * * * * 68 No. 2 Two ring systems without bridging groups Lefi Side chains Right [Ref. p. 247 Transition temperatures[‘c] Ref. 1 I [74Bl]; Cr 78 N

P. 247 2 Two ring systemswithout bridging groups 60 No. Lej? - I 91Tl Side chains Ref. - I 8787 Ref. p. 2471 2 Two ring systems without bridging groups No. 5 I 85L2 255 256 CsF7GF1s- -NH, -NH, Cr 130 Cr 138 I I 83Fl 8889 257 H-C,Fs-CH2-O- -H Cr 74 I 88S9 258 H-C4Fs- -NH2 Cr 118 I 88Gl 259 260 CH,-OqHS-O- -F -F Cr 91 Cr 99 I I 5451 5451 261 CHs-CO- -F Cr 106 I 66Bl 262 CHyooc- -F Cr 135 I 84Al 263 CsH7- -S02-F Cr 94 N -100 E 91B3 264 CHs- -Cl Cr 122 I Landdt-Bbnstein New Series IV/7a -H Ref. +H1t- -c=c-cl Cr 116 1 91Bl 271 272 C$H,,C7HlS- -co-cl -co-cl Cr <20 Cr <20 I I 7801 7801 273 C$H19-0- -CN-Rh(C0)2-CI Cr 79 I 86B5 No.

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