Advances in Chemical Physics, Vol. 74 by Ilya Prigogine, Stuart A. Rice

By Ilya Prigogine, Stuart A. Rice

This useful sequence is dedicated to aiding the reader receive normal information regarding a wide selection of subject matters in chemical physics, which box the editors interpret very extensively. Their reason is to have specialists current accomplished analyses of matters of curiosity and to inspire the expression of person issues of view.

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The detailed description of H,for which there is no analytical expression, needs the knowledge of other parameters: the structure and dimensionality of the lattice, and the nature of the interactions Vn,. For a qualitative description, we restrict ourselves to the above three parameters and consider first the lowtemperature case in limit situations: 1. The weak-coupling case E,, << B: Tensorial products of phonons and free excitons are practically eigenstates. The dispersion diagram for these excitations is sketched in Fig.

The diagonalization of the polarization-field hamiltonian and that of the interacting electric field have been performed by a compact version of the Tyablikov method of diagonalization of a quadratic form of bosons. Treating matter and radiation elementary excitations in a symmetric form, we have shown the gradual transformation of exciton bosons and photons into polariton bosons, assuming low densities of matter excitations (linear-response approximation). SURFACE AND BULK SPECTROSCOPY OF A MOLECULAR CRYSTAL 33 The formalism derived has been applied to an infinite 3D lattice of dipoles.

For weak coupling, the free-exciton scattering on the vibrations provides a good picture (a, b). For strong coupling the localized exciton provides the most appropriate picture: molecular vibronic states (c) or self-trapped exciton (d). The hatched areas represent continua of states where the excitonic wave vector is arbitrary. 31) holds. Here J(k’) and J(k’ - q) indicate the initial and final exciton states with creation of one phonon ha, of wave vector q. 2) and by the reduction of the dispersion curve ofthe pure exciton (without phonon) to a width of the order of 2.

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