Albanian grammar, with exercises, chrestomathy, and by Martin Camaj

By Martin Camaj

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1970a. 89-98. Examines two different ways of accounting for the morphophonemics of 50 ROBERT UNDERHILL the progressive suffix -Ivor. Argues against the view that the choice between alternative phonological descriptions can be made simply by counting the number of features required to write the rules. -—. 1970b. 160-162. ) Finds that in all cases the initial-stressed forms are emphatic in some way, and constitute syntactically or semantically marked categories. ——. 1975. " Papers from the  arasession on Functionalism, pp.

1981. " CLS 17:83-98. Argues, contra Aissen and Hankamer 1980, that the causative is a syntac­ tic rule of clause union rather than a lexical rule. Carries the relational grammar analysis of Turkish forward in a number of respects. Gilson, Erika H. 1981.. 5-7. Brief description of two approaches to using a computer to process Turk­ ish texts. MODERN LINGUISTIC WORK ON TURKISH 33 Haiman, John. 1972. " Lg. 365-377. Observes that Turkish has three formally unrelated phonological condi­ tions that collectively ensure that /o öl do not occur in non-initial syllables.

For European publications, I have not tried to be com­ plete, mainly because of problems of availability; I have simply listed those which I came across. Publications in Turkey have been systematically omit­ ted, partly because of availability problems, and because these ought eventu­ ally to be the subject of a separate bibliography. There is only one Turkish 24 ROBERT UNDERHILL publication included, an article by Lees which is part of Lees' total oeuvre. The listing has also been restricted to publications which make a substan­ tial contribution to Turkish linguistics, so that if the bibliography seems to be long, it is not because all the junk is included: the junk has been omitted.

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