Alexander Alekhine's Best Games by Alexander Alekhine

By Alexander Alekhine

Alekhine's video games and writings encouraged me from an early age. ...I fell in love with the wealthy complexity of his principles on the chessboard. ...I desire readers of this ebook will consider equally encouraged through Alekhine's masterpieces. - from the Foreword through Garry Kasparov.
Alexander Alekhine captivated the chess international along with his astonishing combinative play. His genius has been a powerful impact on each nice participant due to the fact that, none extra so than international Champion Garry Kasparov. This e-book incorporates a collection of the superior of Alekhine's annotations of his personal video games, coverted to algebraic through John Nunn. those video games span his profession from the early encounters with Lasker, Tarrasch and Rubinstein, via his global identify battles, to his conferences with the recent new release of avid gamers who have been to dominate chess in Fifties.

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Fi'h4 ! 17 lbxd5 18 'ii'c4 l:tbd8 Black needs to keep the knight's outpost on d5. n is slightly better for Black, if not as good as the text. 19 l:lb5 19 l:txb7?? lba5. g5 21 l:te1 a6 (D) 22 l:txd5? It is understandable that White is prepared to sacrifice in order to try to inject some life into his game - and ••. g4 4 l£:Jc3 and 4 'ika4 hopefully lift the annoying blockade - by reactivating the light-squared bishop. In retrospect the exchange is too big a price to pay for this slim chance. The alternatives: a) 22 lbb7?

D3 ! b6 14 lDe4 ! c6 15 lDc5. b6? xc6 ! Vc3 ! was clearly better for White, although the players eventually split the point. xc6+!? bxc6 9 0-0 is worth considering. xc3?! a3 ! 0-0 12 'ilt'a4 ! puts the c6-pawn under too much pressure. Vd7! 8 9 0-0 White should avoid the following alternatives: a) 9 'ilt'xb4?! is good enough only for equality according to Gurevich, who continues with 9 . . he8. However, there is certainly sufficient play in the po­ sition for Black to press for the win (his pawn structure offers very good prospects).

30 b3 b6 31 l:te3! White withdraws his rook from e6 since the knight is now ready to go there. l:txe3 32 fxe3 ! White is still firmly in the driving seat thanks to the possibility of e3-e4. 31 l:td7 32 g4 a4 (D) 33 bxa4?! Thus far Gurevich has conducted the queenless middlegame with Kar­ povian accuracy, not granting his op­ ponent the slightest glimpse of counterplay. The text leaves the a2pawn weak, which will be a problem when Black activates his rook on the a-file, so 33 �c3 should have been played.

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