An English-Arabic Translator’s Guide to Election Terminology by May Ahmar

By May Ahmar

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HÉîàf’G Electoral Age See Voting Age Population. »HÉîàfG Ωƒ°Sôe äÉHÉîàfG Electioneering /»HÉîàf’G πª©dG èjhÎdG Elector/ Voter ÖNÉf á«HÉîàfG IQGOEG ´GÎb’G ø°S Electoral Authority See Electoral Commission. á«HÉîàfG áæ÷ ô¶fG The rules governing the elections in a specific country, in order to establish fair, open and democratic procedures and rules. áq«WGô≤Áq~dGh When Americans vote for a President and Vice President, they actually vote for presidential electors, known collectively as the electoral college.

G hCG í°TôŸG ÈY ÚÑNÉædG ™e ô°TÉÑŸG ∫É°üJ’G The last day and time in which the candidate can file for a particular office. øq«©e ~©≤Ÿ í°Tôªc π«é°ùà∏d Final Result Outcome. It states who is the winner in the elections. First Past the Post A voting system under which the winning candidate is the one who wins the most votes — an absolute majority is not required, nor are several candidates chosen. The system is in use at all levels of politics, typically for single-member districts. á«FÉ¡f áé«àf ÉJGƒ°UCG ÌcCÓd RƒØdG First Preference ∫hCq G QÉ«àNG Focus Group õ«cÎdG áYƒª› Preference is an order-ranking, not a number.

AG~gCG ≥«≤ëàd Iôe~e kÉbôW äÉYɪ÷G ¢ ©H International Election Observers Observers who come from outside the country where election is being held. äÉHÉîàf’G International Polling Station Officer An international polling station officer supports and assist the presiding officer who is in charge of each station. ¬fhÉ©jh mõcôe qπc øY ∫hDƒ°ùŸG ¢ù«FqôdG ∞ qXƒŸG Gòg ºY~j Internet Campaigning Any method of voter contact using computers and communications network. Typically this involves de-veloping campaign pages on the World Wide Web.

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