An Image Watermarking Scheme Based on Information Theoretic by Levy Merhav

By Levy Merhav

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Bach T, Spiegel A (2002) Eur J Org Chem 645 42. Shizuri Y, Suyama K, Yamamura S (1986) J Chem Soc Chem Commun 63 43. Chu A, Mander LN (1988) Tetrahedron Lett 29:2727 44. Corey EJ, Guzman-Perez A, Loh TP (1994) J Am Chem Soc 116:3611 45. Mícˇkovµ R, Syhora K (1965) Coll Czech Chem Comun 30:2771 46. Desai MC, Singh J, Chawla HPS, Dev S (1981) Tetrahedron 37:2935 47. Bach T, Spiegel A (2002) Synlett 1305 48. Lovey RG, Saksena AK, Girijavallabhan VM (1994) Tetrahedron Lett 35:6047 49. Morgan B, Dodds DR, Zaks A, Andrews DR, Klesse R (1997) J Org Chem 62:7736 50.

Abstract Paraconic acids, belonging to the class of g-butyrolactone natural products, display a broad range of biological activities such as antibiotic and antitumor properties. Consequently a great number of synthetic strategies have been devised for them, ranging from diastereoselective and chiral pool approaches to the application of asymmetric catalysis. This review gives a critical account on the different methods developed that lead to paraconic acids of great structural variety.

They tested the bioactivities of the preussin isomers against cell growth of the fission yeast cdc25 mutant and found, that all stereoisomers were almost equally bioactive [55]. 22 B. Basler et al. , an even shorter synthesis of preussin was reported by Overhand and Hecht [56]. Up to date the Hecht synthesis has remained one of the most straightforward and concise routes to the target (Scheme 21). The synthesis did not include a nucleophilic attack on Scheme 21 phenylalaninal, but on the Weinreb amide of phenylalanine.

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