Anaphora: A Cross-linguistic Study by Yan Huang

By Yan Huang

Figuring out any communique will depend on the listener or reader spotting that a few phrases check with what has already been stated or written (his, its, he, there, etc.). This mode of reference, anaphora, includes advanced cognitive and syntactic procedures, which individuals frequently practice unerringly, yet which current bold difficulties for the linguist and cognitive scientist attempting to clarify accurately how comprehension is accomplished. Yan Huang presents an intensive and obtainable evaluation of the key modern concerns surrounding anaphora and offers a severe survey of the various and various modern techniques to it. He presents by means of a long way the fullest cross-linguistic account but released: Dr Huang's survey and research are in response to a wealthy number of information drawn from round 450 of the world's languages.

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20 Syntactic Approaches to Anaphora (b) (Icelandic, Maling 1 984) Hann sag6i a6 sig vanta6i hrefileika. ' (c) (Tuki, Biloa 199 1 b: 850) munymYl mu ta bungana ee mumwamate that themselves birds SUBJ NEG think mu nu gwam isi amo. ' (2. 10) and (2. 1 1 ) are examples of so-called long-distance reflexives, and languages that systematically allow long-distance reflexives are called 'long-distance reflexivization' languages. In recent years, a great number of proposals have been put forward in generative grammar to account for long-distance reflexivization, but none of them seems to be adequate.

1 7) (a) (French, Zribi-Hertz 1 980) Victor n'aime que lui. ' (b) (Piedmontese, Burzio 1 99 1 : 85) Giuanin a parJa sempre d' chiel. ' (c) (Russian, Timberlake 1 979: l i S) Ja emu skazal vse 0 nem, eto ja dumaju. ' All this clearly indicates that binding condition B is inadequate. Next, given the standard formulation of binding conditions A and B, it is predicted that anaphors and pronominals be in strict complementary distri­ bution, that is, anaphors can occur only where pronominals cannot, and vice versa.

62) (Chinese) (a) Xiaohong shuo ziji hen xihuan la uqm. ' (b) Xiaohong shuo ta hen xihuan la tiqin. ' (c) Xiaohong shuo 0 hen xihuan la tiqin. ' But this extension of PRO to the subject position of a finite clause may have to be rejected on both theoretical and empirical grounds. From a con­ ceptual point of view, such a radical extension will result in too wide a distri­ bution of PRO. This will give rise to a host of theory-internal problems for the principles-and-parameters theory. One way to tackle this problem has been to speculate that PRO can be excluded from positions in which it must not occur utilizing some other ua principles such as Case theory and 9theory.

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