And Eternity (Incarnations of Immortality) by Piers Anthony

By Piers Anthony

In Pursuit of the final word GoodAfter an overpowering succession of tragedies, existence has eventually, mercifully ended for Orlene, once-mortal daughter of Gaea.Joined in Afterlife by means of Jolie -- her protector and the someday consort of devil himself -- jointly they search out a 3rd: Vita, a really modern mortal with problems, sights, and an unsettling ethical code uniquely her own.An striking triumvirate, they embark on an exceptional quest to reawaken the Incarnation of excellent in a global the place evil reigns -- dealing with demanding situations that would attempt the very fiber in their beings with trials as quite a few, as mysterious, and as devastating because the Incarnations themselves.

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It had, of course, been enhanced by the Tree; all the things of Nature were strongest here. Soon the woman would be ready for the journey—as ready as it was possible for anyone to be. Jolie took a chair and allowed herself to fade out. She would wake when Orlene did. Then there would be more explaining, and a challenge of uncertain nature. Already the mystery of it disturbed her; nothing like this had happened since she had joined Gaea. Could this be an aspect of the great contest between God and Satan for dominance of the mortal realm?

As they descended, with Orlene setting a brisk pace, Jolie continued to ponder the matter, ill at ease. Nox was the Incarnation of Night, really an ancient goddess, mistress of secrets and dreams and all things hidden. This was surely a type of dream, crafted for the two of them. But why should Nox bother? It would have been easy for her to make herself entirely unapproachable, or to manifest before the visitors at the outset. Why set this strange mountainous challenge for them? What was the point?

Jolie headed for the bushes beside the path. Orlene hesitated, then followed her example just as the vanguard of the swarm arrived. The insects landed and began to chomp. The foliage of the bushes disappeared. In a moment the locusts were dropping onto Jolie and chomping at her clothing. She couldn't help herself; she was revolted by the contact. " she cried, brushing frantically at them. "Off! " She hated to touch them, but hated worse to let them touch her. She heard Orlene exclaiming similarly in the next bush.

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